Virgin or Recycled Injection Grade Polypropylene/PP


Payment terms: 50% TT advance payment for the preparation of goods they order, packing and loading, freight charges, insurance fee, custom duties, B/L and other shipping documents required and balance 70% LC after buyers receives Original copies of shipping documents and Good.

Properties Unit Test method Value
Melt Flow Rate
Melt flow rate(230°C/2.16KG) g/10min ISO 1133 12
Mechnical Properties
Tensile modulus of elasticity(v=1mm/min) Mpa ISO 527-2 1550
Tensile yield at stress(v=50mm/min) Mpa ISO 527-2 35
Tensile yield at strain (v=50mm/min) % ISO 527-2 8
Tensile strain at break (v=50mm/min) % ISO 527-2 >50
Charpy impact strength unnotched(+23°C) kJ/m2 ISO 179/1eU 110
Charpy impact strength notched(+23°C) kJ/m2 ISO 179/1eA 3.0
Izod Impact strength notenched(+23°C) kJ/m2 ISO 180/1A 3
Ball indentation hardness(H 358/30) Mpa ISO 2039-1 78
Thermal Properties
Melting point,DSC °C ISO 3146 163
Heat deflection temperature (0.45Mpa) °C ISO 75-2 85
Vicat softening temperature  VST/A50(10N) °C ISO 306 154
Other Properties
Density g/cm3 ISO 1183 0.91




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