Your quality is great sir and I want to continue doing business with you but your prices are too high .Can we negotiate on good prices?

Sir my cargo arrived 3days late although I am happy it arrived but the lateness delayed my manufacturing schedule.

Can we change courier for our next cargo? The shipping company we used last time has a lot of process I don’t like.

Sir please I want more of your products.You have very good quality sir.Please reply my Emails.

How much will be the price if I increase my order to 1000tons of plastic flakes?

Your quality is good but your bales were not well packaged. Please arrange the bales well on my next order.Thanks for my cargo

Klein please now that I know you are good person can we do 25%upfront?

Yours containers carry 28 tons very good sir .I appreciate your deal.

Your process is very long sir .Please make ie short .Thanks for my cargo, good quality.

Thanks your reference from UK he told me about you and your company.